We are a professional international MARTIAL ARTS organization 

Training with any of our CHI COMBAT SYSTEM© Instructors in our Martial Arts Schools will not only teach you valuable self-defence techniques, it will also improve your health, concentration and learning abilities at the same time , being suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness. We believe our unique approach and fairness that supported many Students and Instructors will be of benefit to any practitioner (experienced or non-experienced).

Enjoy your training: Our Founder and his other qualified Instructors in your area will give you a friendly welcome.

Chi combat system sutton grading


Our martial art which was founded by Dojunim – Grand Master Allison is suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness. For Beginners or advanced students from other styles – for ADULTS and CHILDREN.


Confused about the different styles in Martial Arts? CHI COMBAT SYSTEM © successfully combined all that is useful from all of the major styles that are known today: If you like the fluidity of Kickboxing, the knowledge of Karate, the close-range-defences of Jiu-Jitsu, Hapkido and Judo then look no further: We have it all at CHI COMBAT SYSTEM © – and more ; so there is no need to “cross-train” in different styles therefore saving you money.
Afraid of joining a martial arts school? Don`t be: At CHI COMBAT SYSTEM © every one of our Instructors is trained to make your training a positive experience!
Despite the tremendous power of our art it is safe and suitable for ALL: male, female, young or older age promoting ultimate health and peace of mind for you and your family.

“CHI” is a Chinese word ( and “ Gi” Korean) and is translated as “ Flowing Energy” . Feel this positive energy in our classes where children learn through the power of discipline to better succeed in school and Adults to combat their everyday stress issues and improve their confidence in this world we live in . Releasing stressful energy and soaking up positive energy in our schools will start making you feel more confident and add positivity – even enhancing your life overall for the better.

LEGAL NOTICE The following names have been copyrighted: CHI COMBAT SYSTEM©, CHI KARATE©, CHI KICKBOXING© and the Korean equivalent (translation) of our art GI JEUN DO.


At CHI COMBAT SYSTEM© we understand that everybody progresses differently and comes to us with a different aim, we make sure that you progress amazingly without any pressure and you will be proud of your achievements 

Mastering a martial art requires lifelong learning and by teaching according to a student’s individual’s skill and knowledge, at chi combat system we help you try your best and BE YOUR BEST!!